The Ultimate Undershirt

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Perfect for simplifying your wardrobe, The Ultimate Undershirt is for you to wear as your yoga top, sleepwear, or as an undershirt that works perfectly with both casual and dressy clothes. The neckline is elegant and the fabric has a beautiful sheen, it isn’t your typical undershirt.

The Ultimate Undershirt not only feels luxurious, it will also boost your confidence. The modest fit is supportive, but not too tight, and extra long for the perfect amount of coverage.

Buy now, and say goodbye to wearing twisted, nubby, stretched out undershirts that leave you feeling frumpy by the end of the day!

It's all in the details.

The Ultimate Undershirt is perfect to wear with any top or on its own.

This is our most modest fit, if you’re looking for a lower neckline try The Perfect Tank.

  • 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex

  • Allergen sensitive

  • Antimicrobial

  • Organic

  • Sustainable

  • Completely made in the USA

  • Ethical production runs, with fair wages paid to employees


Care Instructions:

For best results wash delicate cycle with cold water, and drip dry.