The Perfect Nursing Tank

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No annoying clips or clasps!

The original undershirt that provides nursing moms with luxury and the essential help that they need every. single. day, to thrive in their breastfeeding journey.

It is guaranteed to:

  • simplify your wardrobe

  • boost your confidence

  • help you achieve breastfeeding success

  • maintain your modesty by covering your stomach, back and décolletage while nursing your baby

  • bring you a sense of calm and luxuriousness

Feel confident. 

Spend more time relaxing and bonding with your baby, and less time agonizing over what to wear or exposing yourself. 

It's all in the details.

This nursing tank is perfect to wear with any top. It will give you modest coverage while breastfeeding, but not add any bulk or feel restrictive. 

The neckline is slightly lower than the cap sleeve version (The Ultimate Nursing Undershirt). This breastfeeding tank top provides excellent modest coverage, even while bending over to change your baby's diaper on the floor. 

  • 95% Bamboo 5% Spandex

  • Allergen sensitive

  • Antimicrobial

  • Organic

  • Sustainable

  • Completely made in the USA

  • Ethical production runs, with fair wages paid to employees


Care Instructions:

For best results wash delicate cycle with cold water, and drip dry.


"Wearing one of Kryslyn's nursing tanks makes me feel more confident. Having a luxurious first layer helps me feel more put together regardless of what outfit I’m wearing. Nursing in public is so much easier when you just have to flip up the top of the tank and all of your midsection is still covered! I have a few of Kryslyns nursing tanks so I wear one every day! They are so comfortable and are the perfect modest undershirt that I have continued to wear them even after being done nursing my babies." - Jessica

"Your top is an experience I seriously want everyone to have. It’s pretty much the whole reason I’d want to have another baby at this point. Wish I was joking. I bought a shirt for my sister in law, and she LOVES the shirt. She’s thinking about buying one for her sister and another for herself!!! I’d SCREAM it from the rooftops if I knew one person would give it a try. I am seriously wishing you made the same neckline/sleeves on regular undershirts, not just nursing, I love them so so much. I’m going to try and buy a couple next time I’m pregnant.” -Margaret