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About us

Inspired by my dreams of designing and love for quality, organic materials; I started working with leather. 

Every step of the way, starting with my outing to the leather shop, handpicking each piece of leather, I am in love. 

Every step of the way is part of a new exciting journey, and when I can provide a beautiful, quality product to somebody, in my little world they have joined me, if even for just a little while on this journey! 

Each O LUCA is created with precision and perfection in the PNW using an industrial leather sewing machine as well as hand stitching. Ethically purchased leathers come in natural unique patterns making each O LUCA perfectly unique, never ever replicated to exactness. 

When browsing items in the LOOKBOOK or in the SHOP, we may have the exact item in stock or will be making the item to the same specifications, though with a new hide. The new hide has new, ever so exciting markings, patterns, and uniqueness. Creating a brand new bag, specifically for you, never to be replicated! 

Welcome to our shop and we are excited for you to love your O LUCA handbags as much as we do!


Love, Karissa