LITTLE LINCOLN - leather toddler shoes

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Just wait until your baby has these sweet shoes on those tiny feet!

Designed with both comfort and adorable-ness in mind.

These little leather shoes are made of soft deertanned leather, with vegetable tanned insoles that will mold beautifully to your child’s foot! With soft laces these will stay tied and your child won’t be able to wiggle out! They are mom and baby tested and approved.

A team of women hand make each pair in the USA, we love what we do and cannot wait to make a pair for you!  All of our leather is ethically sourced from the US food industry.

I can’t wait for your baby to get a pair!  

These come in 6 sizes: 

1 = 0-3 mo. - 4” length of finished sole 

2 = 3-6 mo.  - 4.25” length of finished sole

3 = 6-9 mo. - 4.5” length of finished sole

4 = 9-12 mo. - 4.75 “ length of finished sole

5 = 12-18 mo. - 5” length of finished sole

6 = 18-24 mo. - 5.25” length of finished sole