Not often do we leave our children. Well, once in awhile on a date but overnight-never. This was new and exciting and scary.

But it’s only 3 hours and if they wake up crying in the middle of the long night I can drive down and be there by breakfast....

Neither was the case. They still talk about the lovely time they had when the nice girl watched them, did they not notice their dear mom was gone for three WHOLE days?? 

It was lovely.

Doug and I drove the peaceful, podcast-y, no screechy, non-wee sing drive up to ...


The first day we had to ourselves, glorifying in the freedom of walking and shopping and eating and enjoying each other without our precious little [busy] children. 

We stayed downtown and the next day, Sunday, met up with my sis and her husband to visit some dear friends in their home. 

Soon enough the darkness enveloped and rain started falling and we were headed back to the hotel. Sis #2 and hubby #2 met us there and the three couples all hopped in one rig to find the perfect place to eat...

...well, hungry bellies led us to Italian.

We sat. 

We looked at the menu.

We choked.

We said

“should we share?”

No. we will treat ourselves. 

No we will not have appetizers.

Water is good, Thank you.



Will you explain this dish please?

Okay, yes I will take that. 

Thank you.


Water is still good, Thank you.


Are they hand making the pasta as we speak?


Yessir, ill take more water.

Nosir no side dishes for me. Or him. Or her. 

Food comes. 

This forrr you. Forrr you. Forrr you. Forrr you. Forrr you and forrr you.

everrry-sing lookz good? 


stare down at plate. 





Look up.


*belly laughs*

Savvvoooorrrrrrr every bite. 

5 pasta. 

You know that each bite is costing you 7 dollars?


Can I have a bite?

Get your hands off my plate!

Gobble. Gonezo.


Where should we go now?


Out in the rain, again.

Laughs. Laughs. Belly rolls.

Where too? Olive Garden?

How about the chocolate factory? 

Yes. Yum.

Chocolate. Covered. Everything!

Let’s share. No!



I am drooling!


Swim. Laughs. Hot tub. Laughs. Sleep. Breakfast. Laughs. Shop. Laughs. Lunch. Laughs. Shop. Laughs. Dinner. Laughs. 3 hours home. And done.


Back to home. Ahhh. Back to our lovable little snuggly children. Mmm. 

All so much more appreciated after leaving and spending a little time away! 

Oh, the treasures life gives us. 



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