It was the loveliest time with my childhood best friend. A nod off to our childhood before we both got married and entered the reality of adulthood. 

It all started from our conversations at her kitchen table in Gallivare, Sweden. We gathered our pennies and flew the cheapest airline we could find: ryanair. We took buses and taxis, and eventually found ourselves in our own little motel room, with a frigid pool outside to lazily hang out around. 

In April, the local Spaniards were still wearing jeans and fleece zip-ups, but coming from Northern Sweden we were feeling like it...



Barcelona gets talked about a lot.

Always hailed as such a big, beautiful, sunny European city right on the beach. And I feel like I always see pictures of people on the beach, never anywhere else in the city. Not that it doesn't deserve it or that there is anything wrong with that, because it does and there's not.

But sometimes I wonder why for the life of me I can't seem to remember the beach?

I remember watching an IMAX about the ocean entirely in Spanish, just to kill time while the whole city took a siesta. I remember paying...



These little miniature people in my life. I adore them. I love them with all my heart and soul. They define my every day and hour and minute. 

Every thought process either begins or ends with the little guys. 

It’s all encompassing. 

Life changing.

Before we had children, it’s all we wanted. We both came from families with many children, and imagined such a life for ourselves. 

I would dream of the day that I could dress my little ones in the cutest outfits and prance them around town.

There were so many pins on Pinterest that I would save...



Not often do we leave our children. Well, once in awhile on a date but overnight-never. This was new and exciting and scary.

But it’s only 3 hours and if they wake up crying in the middle of the long night I can drive down and be there by breakfast....

Neither was the case. They still talk about the lovely time they had when the nice girl watched them, did they not notice their dear mom was gone for three WHOLE days?? 

It was lovely.

Doug and I drove the peaceful, podcast-y, no screechy, non-wee sing drive up to ...




We are so taken care of.

We put ourselves through school and during the same time we welcomed a precious baby boy. With tremendous help from our family's, we graduated; accomplished and exhausted.

It was thereafter I fell in love with this city; with the freedom of being done with my studies and the joy of being a mother with no other demands then that of taking care of my little one. 

We received the graduation gift from and surrounded by our loved ones; plane tickets, a hotel and all the necessary items we would need to enjoy a vacation!